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13 very good reasons you should get a National Trust Family Membership

Every year around the Christmas time we think of a present which would benefit all members of our little family. This year we agreed that we wanted to get a National Trust Family Membership. We used to be members before we had children and we had made great use of it. Now we have two children, 6-years-old and 1-year-old, and we know that this time around the whole experience of visiting the grand houses and vast country parks is going to be totally different. Also, we have a dog too and we can’t wait to take our fluffy friend with us on our adventures.

We came up with some great reasons why to become a National Trust members and want to share them with you so you can decide whether that is something you could gift to your family too!

13 strong reasons why you should get a National Trust Family Membership and why is it a great present for the whole family

1, Access to hundreds of places

This is very well known fact that National Trust owns hundreds of properties around the UK. Many of which are absolutely stunning. 365 days would not be enough to visit them all. Before you go any further on your list check the National Trust website and see what is around you.

2, No restrictions

You can visit the place as many as you like! That is quite important to be fair. Sometimes some places are party closed for refurbishing so you won’t be able to see it all, but you can always come back. Also, in some cases, there is so much to do that you need more than one visit to explore the whole place.

3, National Trust houses will never disappoint you

There is so much to learn and see! At the time of writing this post, we have already visited a few places. None of them was the same. In each of the properties, the guides are so helpful and patient with the children. They explained various things to our boy and told him some amazing stories about people who used to live in the house.

4.  Cost-effective

You will save a lot of money by purchasing the membership. Let’s be honest here. Admission fees are pricey. An average family ticket to the house and the gardens cost around £30 – £40. I wouldn’t say that’s cheap. However, the family membership per year costs £114,60 or £9.55 a month. We have already visited 4 places since we became members. This means that every future visit is truly going to be our free day out!

5, When it rains there is always something to do or a place to visit

This is a biggie for us! We don’t live in London where you are never bored and our kids love activities. We hate rainy days because kids get restless and they always get into trouble. National Trust has always something going on.

6, Children-friendly

I have to admit that I do admire the patience of the guides there. My son asked countless questions and each time they answer every single one of them. And he does not walk nicely or quietly. He skips and jumps and laughs and not once he was told off for being boisterous. Quite the opposite, they always give him an encouraging smile and ask him what he is so happy about. If you bring a pram for your baby, don’t worry, there is always a safe place you can leave it if you want to go on the house tour.

7, Preserving the national heritage

Hands down, I like the fact that by paying for my membership I have also chipped in a little and helped to keep these wonderful places for future generations, even though, I was not born here.

8, Saving on parking tickets

If you are a member you also get free parking at most National Trust car parks. What else could I say to this apart from that is more money left for our cookies.

9, Opportunities to learn about history and how people used to live

Just recently we visited Sudbury Hall and National Trust Museum of childhood. The museum is fantastic. There are vintage toys children can play with, even a chimney they can climb up to! Old classroom they can imagine how things used to be different. And this is not the only place children can learn about the past. In every property, there is something they can learn something new.

10, Photography

I am not going to lie, this is something very close to my heart. You see, I LOVE the huge windows, high ceilings, spacious rooms. So, if you like photography there is a fantastic opportunity for taking a lot of wonderful photos of your kids in these majestic settings or beautifully manicured gardens.

11, Dog-friendly

There are miles and miles you can take your dog for a walk.  This will grant you access to some truly spectacular locations to upgrade your dog walk. Therefore, this membership is a present for every single member of our family even our dog :).

12, Great events especially during Christmas

The houses are beautifully decorated during the festive periods. Some of them have huge Christmas trees we would be able to have even if we cut a hole in our ceiling! And they are beautifully decorated too.

13, Tea-rooms and delicious cakes

We enjoy sitting down to a mug of hot chocolate or a cup of coffee and our little girl loves the chocolate brownies. Tea rooms are pretty and very cosy. High chairs are always available too.

So what do you think? Are you thinking of becoming one? Not sure yet? Here are few pictures to help you decide :).

Disclaimer: We are not affiliates of National Trust and we wrote the blog only because we love it so much and believe in the value that the membership offers.


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