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Life-style outdoor session  
An outdoor session is not only most enjoyable for children of all ages but it is also fantastic for a pregnancy shoot. We can take advantage of the freedom of space and also you and your children are less aware of somebody pointing a camera at them, which means they behave more naturally and even the shyest children lose their boundaries. They can run freely, jump, shout and above all have fun. Usually we go to a nice local park or anywhere where you are used to going with your family, but we can even go to a beach or Peak District.  
Life-style indoor session  

Children are so adorable when they play and they treasure the time we spend with them doing homework, teaching them, baking with them or just playing freely. Why not capture these special moments for your children, I am sure they will look back fondly on them when they have all grow up. These everyday situations are so special to us as parents.

Great option when the weather is not so kind.

Life-style Pet  session  

Pets are our friends, companions and little helpers too. They love us unconditionally and we look after them and love them back. Each session is uniquely designed around your pet temperament and their character. We will talk about you and your expectations and also about your pet what he/she likes and dislikes. Not matter if they are bouncy, well behaved or full of grey haired wisdom as long as they are friendly.  We can go either outside or stay indoors, choice is yours.




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