5 things about me:    

1.    I love the 60’s. Not only do I love the fashion, hairstyles and music but also the amazing cars. I have a dream that one day I will buy a campervan and travel around the world with my family and my camera, photographing people.

2.    Once I made a promise that by the age of 35 I wanted to be able speak 5 languages.  So I have gone back to school to learn Spanish.

3.    I drink cold coffee. I know, some people think it is disgusting, but I don’t like hot food or drinks.

4.  I adore handmade things especially old wooden toys, which hide certain wisdom under their worn out cover. It would be interesting to hear all about their stories. 

5.  I love traveling around the UK. I adore those small historical villages, coastline and those buildings filled with history.







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