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Around The Roaches – magnificent view over the Peak District

Has it ever happened to you that you went somewhere but almost at your finishing point you changed the direction and ended up somewhere else? Recently, we went to Tittesworth reservoir for a walk. It was a lovely sunny day and thought that we could take the little one in the pram and our older one could run around, as usual, chasing our dog or he could throw stones into the water. There is also a lovely tea-room serving a nice hot chocolate which I was sure I was going to get for myself and the kids.

A change of plan

However, as we drove out from Leek towards the Buxton I could see that the Roaches were under a thin blanket of snow. At that time, I said nothing but my heart started pounding faster while my brain was working overtime thinking how to get daddy to agree not to go for a walk around the reservoir but to take us around The Roaches. You see, we had no baby carrier and I was sure it was going to be windy and that was a problem. Daddy hates it when it’s too windy. While I was contemplating a plan of action a voice from the back seat killed the silence in the car. ‘LOOK, SNOW! Daddy, can we go there?! I looove snow, pretty please!’ And that was it! I didn’t need to say a word. It’s so good to have kids speaking your own mind out sometimes, isn’t it?

The Ramshaw rocks, Peak District

Quick stop to soak up the energy from The Roaches

If you happen to drive from Leek to Buxton or further ahead to the Peak District you will notice rocks on your left. Spare few minutes and stop there. You will be rewarded with a breath-taking view and stunning scenery. You will see a signpost for Upper Hulme and Ye Olde Rock Inn, pass that one and turn sharp left on the next road just below the rocks. In a few meters, there is a small car park. All you need is a few minutes of your time to climb up the Ramshaw rocks. Breathe in fresh air and enjoy the glorious carefree freedom. Then you can continue on the same road which will take you back to the main road to Buxton. Provided, you can spare a bit more of your time or you change your plans as we did you can go around the Roaches. Check the map below.

Driving around the Roaches

At first, we stopped at Ramshaw rocks to climb up the rocks and then we continued a bit further down and turned left as marked on the map. After a short drive, we came to another parking on our left. In summer, you can find here an ice-cream van too! It always amuses me to see him there, in the middle of nowhere. I guess he must get a lot of business from the number of walkers passing by.

This time, we managed to find a place here and went for a short walk. It was rather chilly and because we didn’t have a baby carrier with us we couldn’t go too far. But Hugh, Lola and I went racing down the hill leaving daddy with baby Zaza behind. They quickly jumped into the car and raced after us. Hugh squealed with delight when he saw dad overtaking us and run even faster. He said it was the best part of our trip. I love how kids can appreciate little things.

A walk around the Tittesworth reservoir

Daddy waited for us further down and we hopped into the car and went for the planned walk around the Tittesworth reservoir. We managed to get there just before the tea-room closed so I run to get the warm, sweet, liquid reward I promised when we were leaving the house. The sun was just setting down for a good night’s sleep while we enjoyed a lovely walk during golden hours.

So if you ever come to Leek or drive on A53 to Buxton, stop for a while at Ramshaw layby and let it go!

For more info about The Roaches, how to get here, where to stay and what to do read our post: Discover The Roaches with kids in The Peak District.


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