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Clown and child – Story behind the photo

Clown and child is one of my all time favourites. In this case, I can honestly say, I was at the right place at the right time.

Christmas train

Just before Christmas, we took our little boy to Churnet Valley Railway.  Every year they have Santa Special event, where Father Christmas comes to meet every child and gives him a very nice present. Parents get a glass of cherry and a mince pie too!

Dandelion the Clown

That morning, we sat in a very old steam train waiting for departure. The window was fogged up. As I was cleaning it to see outside, somebody approached us.

It was a clown; he had the most amazing red nose I have ever seen.

Hugo was sitting next to the window with daddy and I was opposite them. When the clown came to our window, Hugo couldn’t stop staring at him. The clown came closer and they were looking at each other.

Light bulb flashed in my head!

I lowered myself in the seat, my bum almost on the floor. Snap! I took the photo. Then the clown smiled and waved goodbye.

I looked at the back-screen of my camera and almost screamed with joy!

Scared or amazed

Some people comment that the photograph is chilling and the little boy looks scared. In truth, he was mesmerized by something he had not seen before. What he was really scared of was a big man in red with white beard, who sat him on his knees and said Ho-Ho-Ho!

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