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A session in Hall O’ Th’ Wood with grandchildren

Once again I had been invited to the gorgeous home Hall O’ Th’ Wood to photograph children with their grandparents. The photographs were a Christmas present for the parents, that’s why I did not share them earlier.

Admittedly I was counting days to our session.

Hall O’ Th’ Wood

The timber framed building is approximately 500 years old. There is some possibility that this Tudor house was built by the same builder as the nearby Little Moreton Hall. It is surrounded by a beautifully maintained garden and the view from the upper floor is just stunning.

A farm house?

Fist time when I was on my way to this beautiful home, I though it’s going to be a farmhouse with a barn and lots of chickens running around. Not sure where I got the chickens from but that was an image of the place in my head. Then I got to the iron gate and thought ‘hang on, this does not look anything  like a farm!’ Then the iron gate opened, the house showed up, peacock crossed my path and I thought ‘OMG, lucky me!’

One by one and always different

Even though it wasn’t the first time I photographed in this home it still took me by surprise! Suddenly a door to a different room opened and there were another room and another one, which I had no idea about!

One hour is just not enough!

Phillipa and Henry were just amazing. They smiled or laughed all the time. I could spend the whole day with these wonderful people and cheerful kids. We had great fun doing many activities. Then little Phillipa almost fell asleep in the wheelbarrow and I knew it was time to leave.

I can’t wait to go back there and perhaps this time I will get the opportunity to photograph all three generations together :).


Hall O' Th' Wood by ZuHuda Photography

Is there another home I loved this much? Sure it is, it is called Tempo Manor, a wonderful home in a beautiful setting. You can read about it here.

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