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Practical Photography

When I got an email about one of my photos being published in Practical Photography magazine, I was over the moon. Not only as a proud mom but a photographer too.

The feedback I got about the photograph of my son is great. It is a fantastic feeling to know that my work is appreciated not only by my family, clients but also by other professionals.

I love things simple and natural. This published photo is a good example.

How to get to a natural looking photograph

Whenever I photograph my son or clients, I chose the location and clothing. Then and I ask my subjects to do something. Sometimes I make them laugh or ask them to think about things or places. This helps me to get various expressions. But many times I just sit there quietly and observe. I  let the subject create the photograph. Even though, I have rough ideas before each session, I am always prepared to change my plans and let my subject guide me.

Location, light and the subject inspire me and when mum comes to me saying, ‘ I trust you, do whatever you want’ that is music to my ears. Then my mind is free and most creative and I photograph the children as if they were my own.


Practical photography


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