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Nowadays, it seems as if we have no time for ourselves anymore. Society has high expectations of us which we are struggling to meet. Unless we are successful workaholics, we are seen as lazy couch potatoes. Relaxing and slowing down should not be seen as lazing about. It is important for our mental health. I like to wind down from time to time either by sewing clothes or craft making. So here are some ideas for creative mums.


I am a photographer and many people think that all I do is press the button on the camera and enjoy money rolling in. It might not seem like it, but it is actually a very demanding job, sometimes even stressful. That is why I like sewing. I can switch off the part of my brain which is constantly turned on the maximum power and wake up the hibernating one. This way I can relax, concentrate on something completely different and sometimes be even inspired.


Lovey DIY by Zuhuda PhotographyA soft toy I made for my baby. I wanted her very first toy to be made by mum :).

A little dress I made for my daughter. She wore it once because I made it too small, but never mind, at least I have the photo of them 🙂


Another way I like to relax is a craft-making. I love listening to a radio drama while knitting, card making or glueing. In this case, I am forced to slow down. Patchworking is a great challenge for me because I have to pin my butt down on the chair for a while. The other day, while I sat patiently working on invisible stitches, my mind wandered off and I was daydreaming again. Then the nasty needle pinched my finger and I was brought back to reality swearing like an old grumpy man. No, I have not managed to finish off anything yet, but that is not important.

Taking time for yourself is not lazy, it is an important thing to do for our well-being. We should do it regardless of other people, what they think of us or what they expect. Just switching the phone off, turning off all distracting devices once a week can make a huge difference in our life.


not workingA pen holder I made out of the used plastic bottle and a paper with my favourite photographs.


not workingA note board with pegs for all our important letters or upcoming events. I bought 3 lightweight planks, glued it together and painted white but only one coat of paint so I can still see and feel the texture of the wood.

Whatever you do, just relax and enjoy yourself, even if the product you are making turns out to be utter disaster :). You can always make a new or different one.

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