Are you looking for a photographer to get you just one nice family photo or a photo of your child? Then you are in the wrong place.

I will be honest with your right from the beginning. I offer an experience unique to your family, not a snapshot same as the other 209. We play, we run, we jump and we go to different places and from that, you will get a set of image and a beautiful book to keep. Do you like that? Then please go ahead and look through my gallery and if you like my style please give me shout and it will be my pleasure to discuss your needs and expectations.

Capturing the essence of the childhood

I photograph children and families not only at home but also abroad. It is a fantastic opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people from different backgrounds, cultures and countries. What I love the most about the ever-changing location is that not a single session is the same. We go to many different places and that means I have to think on my feet. Many times families pick us up and take us to places we’ve never been before and we love it! It is challenging but also very rewarding. We usually spend a few hours together and sometimes the whole day too. I capture individual’s personality, true relationships but also their feelings and what they are passionate about. And the best part is that these families become our friends.

Where are we based?

When a family invites me or my little family to some other interesting place, we won’t say no. It is just another opportunity to meet like-minded people, make new friends, discover new places and learn something new. So where are we based? One week we are in the UK and the other in Slovakia, but we might be in Portugal or Sweden or where do you want us to be?

What’s my aim

I make crying children laugh and smiley mums shed a tear or two when they hold their family memories in their hand. That is exactly the reason why I do, what I do. What I treasure the most is when a parent says:

‘We absolutely love the photos from our session, they were exactly what we wanted, natural and relaxed. You put us at ease throughout and captured some amazing expressions and family memories we can treasure forever. Thank you so much, Zuzana, we’ll be back for our next session soon!’ Kat, Wednesbury, UK

‘Amazing!!! From the moment Zuzana arrived, she put us all completely at ease and the dogs loved her! ‘ Lindsay, Stone, UK

‘Zuzana is an excellent photographer! She’s not only pressing the shutter to capture the moment, she is also able to capture the emotions in that moment. When you look at her pictures, you don’t only see them, you can also ‘feel’ them. I love her individual approach, her energy, view and ideas. It’s always so much fun to work with her and the results are always amazing – even if you’re camera shy’ Lucia, Revúca, Slovakia

‘We enjoyed each moment o photo shoot!!! Photos are beautiful!!! Compliment to Zuzana’ Viktória, Prague, Czech Republic

Indoor vs Outdoor

We love being out and most children prefer to be outside too. Scream, laugh, blow bubbles, play in muddy puddles, chase each other, play hide and seek. All these are fantastic activities which bring out the real personalities. Children can be themselves that makes the photos great and real. Yes, sometimes they fall over and sometimes they cry, but that is part of their growing up and should be documented too. No, I am not ‘say cheese’ photographer. You are more likely hear me say ‘hmm, I think I have just heard somebody to fart! Was that you?!

However, sometimes the weather is horrendous and we have to stay in. Also, there are times when mum wants to capture a more serene mood or a hobby she shares with her children such as baking or craft making. Some dads love reading books to his children or making car models with them. Then it is much better to stay in and create memories not only for you but for the next generations too.


My photographs won awards and were published in a number of magazines. Perhaps my biggest achievement is the sole exhibition I had in Slovakian town Roznava because it was simply one of my dreams come true.

Whether you are looking for a photographer or travel ideas, I hope to bring you joy and maybe I can inspire you as well to pack your bags and hit the road.

My Favorites