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A night at Knight’s village at Warwick castle

A knight and a little lad

‘How old are you?’ asked the knight in his thunder-like voice.

The ginger-haired boy pushed his chin up and replied with pride strengthen voice ‘SEVEN!’

The knight in his shiny silver armour frowned. He put his hand on the sword and bent down slightly so he could look the boy right in the eye. ‘You should be working at this age. You will be collecting arrows on the battlefield, peasant boy!’ Said the knight not expecting anyone to answer back.

‘No, I won’t’ whispered the little boy staring back at the knight, smiling sheepishly. ‘Give me that sword’ he demanded loudly shocking the man who stood there as if he was hit by a racing horse.

Speechless knight did as he was bid still shocked by the outspoken little lad. As he stood there thrown off guard,  suddenly, to his utter horror, he was holding a wooden sword. The one that used to belong to the boy who knew that one day he will make a fine knight.

Family adventure

I was so proud, of my little lad, who stood there proudly fighting the knight. As I sat at the wooden table in the middle of the banqueting hall decorated with so many shields in medieval style, I knew he might look like his dad but he is my boy after all. He’d chosen an adventure experience for his birthday instead of wrapped up presents and understood that the precious memories we created that weekend won’t be covered in dust and they won’t be broken or worse, thrown away one day.

Oh, and the birds of prey display! We watched Henry, the bald eagle, flying over the castle ground and then swooping low over our heads with his magnificent wings cutting through the air. Not just kids stood there mesmerised. What was the best part? It’s hard to say. Perhaps, our little lad defeating his dad in the archery contest or walking through the underground learning about medieval life and craft. Maybe the sight of the unfit mother (and wife) climbing up Guy’s tower trying to catch her breath close to her death while pretending that all is alright.

I know! Horrible Histories Maze, this was the best! We loved it so much that we went there twice and nobody will ever forget how we collected stamps.

Overnight stay at the woodland lodge at Knight’s village at Warwick Castle

We spend the night at Knight’s village surrounded by the picturesque woodland in the medieval lodge at the Warwick castle grounds. How cool is that? Priority entrance was granted to us so we could be the first exploring the castle and the last one to leave. The woodland walk is beautiful too. We went for an evening walk and then in the morning too, right after the king’s breakfast. Although it was difficult to move with a belly filled up to its roof.

We wished we could stay another night but it was too expensive for us. So, it was up to us to make the most of our time while the day last.

The woodland lodge was delightful. Perhaps, a bit small in size but what do you need for an overnight stay when all you want is shower your hair and to rest on the bed before another day knocks on the door. The decor was tastefully done. I take my hat off to whoever came up with the idea and whoever runs the place. The little lodge was so charming that our little lad and his dad wanted to leave their own house in exchange for this wooden lodge and make it their own.

The best birthday ever

Not just once we heard the little boy shout ‘this is my best birthday ever’ and gave us each a big hug and a million kisses too. Every time he said that we were jumping for joy and went flying over the moon. Never mind the empty bank account, we said at that time while we knew that the reality would hit us hard once we got back home.

I just remembered now, we forgot to make a birthday cake! Oooops. Well, who cares about the cake? We had for our dinner a turkey leg instead!

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