Lovey DIY by Zuhuda Photography
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Making a Rabbit Lovey for your baby

If you like hand-made stuff, then I am sure you will understand why I decided to make a lovey for my baby girl. Yes, I could just buy one at Tesco for £5 or less but I want my baby to have something special, made just for her by her mum. One day I will save it in her keepsake box and she will perhaps treasure it forever.

Perfect or imperfect

It does not matter whether there are any imperfections. One ear longer, one eye smaller than the other, all these ‘faults make it unique, just perfect.

But be careful when you make a toy for your child and make sure you sew all the parts very securely so they don’t come off while she is playing with it. You don’t want the toy to become a choking hazard.


Lovey by ZuHuda Photography

Lovey DIY by Zuhuda Photography

Lovey DIY by Zuhuda Photography

You can find many patterns on the Pinterest. But if you want to make something like the one on the photo, then click here for the photo tutorial.

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