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Morning play – Story behind the photo

If you have children then I am pretty sure you know the feeling when at 6 am your child announces that he doesn’t want to sleep anymore. That just means early morning for you as well.

Morning play

The other morning my son came to my bed and whispered ‘Mum, I am bored!’ Half asleep I asked him to go and play. My sweet little boy agreed and left my bedside. I got up to check what he is up to. He didn’t go to his own room but instead, he switched the bathroom light on and sitting on the floor he was playing with his cars.

Sometimes it just happens

In that instance I saw the image. I run downstairs for the camera and laying on the floor in our bedroom, I took the photo.  Usually I convert photographs created by artificial light to black and white.  However this time, I like the warm feel of it. I love this kind of story telling images.

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