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Pets Magazine: Capturing the essence of the pet

We love our pets, we love them the way they are. Or maybe not!?

How can we love our pets?

They chew our shoes, dig in the kitchen bins, tear up newspapers, leave muddy paws on the carpet! Your blood boils and you want to scream!!!  But then they look at us with their ‘puppy’ eyes and we forgive them.

Pets are amazing and I am lucky and honored to be invited to photograph them. We don’t try to pose them or make them do something which is not usual for them. I photograph them the way their are.

Essence of the pet

I was over the moon when the online Pets Magazine published my photographs. After every session I come home almost breathless, running with them trying to catch their attention, play with them can be quite exhausting, but I love it.

To read more, check the magazines ‘Capturing the essence of the pet‘ article. If want to share your thought with me, please send me an email or leave me a comment below.

Pets magazine

Pets magazine



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