Frequently asked questions:


Where are you based?

I am based in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. My session fee includes travel up to 15 miles from postcode ST3, but I do photograph all over the country and outside the UK.  If you live outside this area, please contact me for quote.

Do you have a studio or do you photograph on location only?

I photograph on location and offer Outdoor sessions, Life-style indoor sessions and Studio-style sessions.

What can we expect from our Life-style indoor session?

We hold the session at your home and I use only natural light available, whether it is window light or any available light I can find in your home. Before we start, we will talk about your activities, what you like to do, how you play… and we try to recreate your everyday moments so you have great memories to keep forever. Then we go together through your house to see where would be best place to photograph.

What can we expect from our Outdoor session?

We agree on the location together.  Is there a special place you like to visit, such as the park or Peak District, for example?  Do you have a favourite outdoor activity you enjoy, such as hiking or dog-walking? I can suggest nice outdoor area, which I know personally.  If the place you would like to go is outside the 20 miles ratio, I will quote you for additional travel depending how far and time consuming it is.  If I choose the place, you pick the time of the day. If you choose the place then I pick the time (usually early morning or late afternoon).  The way I photograph is same as when shooting Life-style images. I let you do your own activities, play and be yourself.

What can we expect from our Studio style session?

If you like fine art then this may be your preference. It is suitable for maternity shots and first year plan or children up to 1 year old and which have not started walking. These images are posed but taking into account the subject personality and capability. I don’t use much props, since I love the simple and clean look, but I do use your things which have a special meaning such as favourite toy, blanket… It is after all YOU and your memories. 

What do we need to bring to our session?

If you have a small child, just bring the obvious things your baby needs, some drink, snack, tissues...

Can we include any items of special meaning to us in our pictures?

If you have any favourite toys, books, blankets please do not hesitate to bring it with you.  If it is something special you pass from generation to generation, please bring it too or if you have some clothes you used to wear when you were at that age, bring it! It will be interesting to look back and compare. Doesn’t worry about it being old or shabby, the more character the better!

What to wear?

Clothes are very important part of the image. They can make or break the image. From experience I know that simplicity works best.  Patterns, spots, flowers all work well, but please avoid logos, images and writings.

You can bring more outfits to your session; 2 – 3 outfits with different layers give us more flexibility and variety.

How long does the session last?

Unless otherwise stated it usually takes 1 hour, but I am not watching the clock. I am willing to stay as long or short my subject lets me.



I understand that there might be genuine reason for changing your session.  We can reschedule the session up to 2x provided you gave me at least 24 hour notice.

If we book a session for outdoor and it is raining or strong wind, we can either reschedule our session or have the session indoors. Unfortunately I am able to give your a new date for the session only in case of heavy rain or very strong wind due to busy schedule.

If the session is cancelled by a client, the deposit or sesson fee will not be refunded.


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