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Stoke on Trent family photographer or…?

As a family, we love adventure and great outdoors. We travel a lot especially around the UK as there are so many beautiful places to discover. But I am also a photographer; children, pet and travelling family photographer to be precise. Living in Stoke on Trent doesn’t necessarily mean I am stuck here or stick to 50 miles ratio. When a family invites me or my little family to some other interesting place, we won’t say no. It is just another opportunity to meet like-minded people, make new friendships, discover new places and learn something new.

Not only the United Kingdom or Slovakia but also…
Because I am based in the UK and travel to Slovakia regularly most of my sessions are from these two countries but I have photographed families in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and I next stop in the near future is Malta, Sweden and Portugal. And I can honestly tell you I can’t wait!

Indoor vs Outdoor

We love being out and most children prefer to be outside too. Scream, laugh, blow bubbles, play in muddy puddles, chase each other, play hide and seek. All these are fantastic activities which bring out the real personalities. Children can be themselves that makes the photos great and real. Yes, sometimes they fall over and sometimes they cry, but that is part of their growing up and should be documented too. No, I am not ‘say cheese’ photographer. You are more likely hear me say ‘hmm, I think I have just heard somebody to fart! Was that you?!

However, sometimes the weather is horrendous and we have to stay in. Also, there are times when mum wants to capture a more serene mood or a hobby she shares with her children such as baking or craft making. Some dads love reading books to his children or making car models with them. Then it is much better to stay in and create memories not only for you but for the next generations too.

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Travelling is part of our life. The first question in the morning our son asks is ‘Where are we going today?’ I am the one who does all the planning and I have realised that there are many reviews and tips for travellers but not so many for families travelling on a budget. So I decided to write a review or a destination guide every time we discover something new, family-friendly and cheap! Watch out our Travel Blog section and hopefully, we can inspire you to go somewhere where you don’t need to spend a fortune.

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