Hi! My name is Zuzana and I am a proud Slovak.

I am also a mum, a dog lover and a travelling family photographer!

Travelling family photographer

My home is where my kids and hubby live, be it in England, Wales, Slovakia, Northern Ireland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic… the world is our home, as long as we are together. Every weekend we make a plan and go out, no matter what’s the weather like. We love travelling and exploring new places. We are never bored.

Photography is my passion and travelling is my love. I want to share images of the beautiful places we have been to but also with the permission of other families a few of their stories too.

Capturing the essence of the childhood

For the fifth consecutive year, I photograph children and families not only at home but also abroad. It is a fantastic opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people from different backgrounds, cultures and countries. What I love the most about the ever-changing location is that not a single session is the same. We go to many different places and that means I have to think on my feet. Many times my clients pick me up and take me to places I have never been before and I love it! It is challenging but also very rewarding. We usually spend a few hours together and sometimes the whole day too. I capture individual’s personality, true relationships but also their feelings and what they are passionate about.

What’s my aim

I make crying children laugh and smiley mums shed a tear or two when they hold their family memories in their hand. That is exactly the reason why I do, what I do. What I treasure the most is when a parent says:

‘We absolutely love the photos from our session, they were exactly what we wanted, natural and relaxed. You put us at ease throughout and captured some amazing expressions and family memories we can treasure forever. Thank you so much, Zuzana, we’ll be back for our next session soon!’ Kat, Wednesbury, UK

‘Amazing!!! From the moment Zuzana arrived, she put us all completely at ease and the dogs loved her! ‘ Lindsay, Stone, UK

‘Zuzana is an excellent photographer! She’s not only pressing the shutter to capture the moment, she is also able to capture the emotions in that moment. When you look at her pictures, you don’t only see them, you can also ‘feel’ them. I love her individual approach, her energy, view and ideas. It’s always so much fun to work with her and the results are always amazing – even if you’re camera shy’ Lucia, Revúca, Slovakia

‘We enjoyed each moment o photo shoot!!! Photos are beautiful!!! Compliment to Zuzana’ Viktória, Prague, Czech Republic


My photographs won awards and were published in a number of magazines. Perhaps my biggest achievement is the sole exhibition I had in Slovakian town Roznava because it was simply one of my dreams come true.

Whether you are looking for a photographer or travel ideas, I hope to bring you joy and maybe I can inspire you as well to pack your bags and hit the road.

If you want to know what we are up to, check our travel blog or get in touch.