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Let’s go on a train trip to Manchester

For some time I wanted to take my son on a train ride.  Children love trains, we all know that. But I also needed to find a reason for our train journey. And then it hit me! So, I booked a surprise trip to Manchester. He was over the moon when I parked at the train station. We left our baby at home with daddy as I was sure she wouldn’t enjoy it. There’re just too many people.

Christmas Market

One of the reasons for going to Manchester was visiting the Christmas market. This time there are eight of them. They are spread around the city centre but it is quite easy to navigate. There is so much to see and taste! Delicious German sausages, Strudels with all sorts of fillings, enormous French crepes, Belgian hot chocolate… You can really taste the world. Also, handmade clothes, toys, ornaments. All sorts of gifts and presents. Be aware, though, you might be easily tempted to spend a fortune.

However, if you are thinking of bringing your young child (under 4) then be prepared for a bit of stressful time. Streets are very busy and it might be difficult to pass with a pram or even a baby carrier. If you decide to take your baby in a carrier, I would recommend carrying him/her on your front so you can protect them better.

Visit Central Libary

If you are a bookworm as my son is, you must visit the Central Library which is open to the public. And it’s HUGE! At first, we checked out the ground floor where we found the children section. Hugo was overwhelmed by the choice of books and didn’t know which one to read first. Not sure why, but he liked the book about naughty dad. Once our reading session was over, we explored the rest of the building, floor by floor.

There is a lot to see and do in Manchester

There are many more things to do and see in Manchester. If you have a spare time why not visit The John Rylands Library or very child-friendly Museum of Science and Industry. But if you like architecture and interesting buildings you have to see Manchester Cathedral and the Town Hall.

We spent in Manchester four hours but it wasn’t enough, so I guess we have to go again. But this time in summer!

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