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Little Moreton Hall, charming house from the Tudor fantasy

The very first time I say it, I fell for this house for its amazing character and those beautiful wonky walls. It’s old, quirky and looks like a home from a fairytale. Just wondering who lives in it, is it a witch, a princess or maybe a family of giants?

Crooked walls and uneven floors

To my surprise (I’m fantasist so I could truly believe in ogres and giants), it turned out that none of the fairytale characters lived (so they say). What a shame! It is a true survivor from the Tudor period. When I first stepped inside, I wondered how it is even possible that with its crooked walls and uneven floors it is still standing. You don’t need to like history to love this house. All you need to have is a bit of imagination and you can be transferred a few hundred years back in time. If you are as imaginative as I am, perhaps, you can hear the laughter of mythical creatures too. They like to hide around the corner and watch visitors sniffing a box of poo… 🙂 What’s that about? Read on and I’ll tell you.

Scented boxes

Little Moreton Hall is a great place to visit as are all National Trust properties. There is always something going on and some hands-on activities. This year Little Moreton Hall welcomed us to the 16th ‘Scent-ury’. Yeap, that’s right. You can follow the clues in a fun trail and find boxes that hide something inside. Guess what the scent is and then read about it. Some boxes hide the scent of herbs but there are also some that hide a rather stinky surprise. Let’s just imagine people in the Tudor period not washing and trying to mask their body odour with something else. Yeap, this smell can be found in one of the boxes too. Yaak!!!

Candle making

We love trying new things and certainly making our very own candle to take home was a delightful experience. Our little one did his best to make his own and would not let me help him. So I stepped back and took a picture of him learning to make his own candle and the lady dressed in costume was wonderful too.


Where is it?

This moated half-timbered manor house is located 4.5 miles southwest of Congleton in Cheshire. It is very easy to find as it sits right next to a busy A34. You can use CW12 4SD for your sat nav. Check visiting times on the National Trust site especially during the winter months.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliates of National Trust, we just love the properties and the ground so much that we try to visit as many as we can and write about our experiences.


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