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Unconditional love – Story behind the photo

Unconditional love

Are dogs capable of feelings? Yes, I believe so. They show us their unconditional love every day. Their happy face when they come to greet us and of course the wagging tail which sometimes I think is going to fall off from all that motion, these are surely signs of their affections.

Special bond

Our Labrador Lola loves children. She adores them and has a patience made of steel. I take a lot of photos of her with my kids so we have memories of them growing together. They have a very special bond.

Love and protection

This time I asked Lola to lay on the bed and I placed Zara next to her. Daddy was on the side of the bed to make sure Zara doesn’t roll over. As I was taking photos shaking a rattle, Zara happily kicking her legs.  Lola laid her head down ignoring all the noise and dosed off. But as soon as the doors downstairs banged, she was down in a second checking out the situation.

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