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Visit Kedleston Hall on a grey rainy day

Are you kidding me! Just for once, could the forecast be wrong when it says that it’s going to rain!!! Naah, of course not. Never. But on the other hand, how many times was it raining when the BBC weather app (the one I say goodnight to before closing my eyes and the first one I greet the first thing in the morning) promised ME a sunny day?  Often. Once again, the view from my window is disappointing. Grey sky, 53 neighbouring windows (getting closer every morning I dare to look out), and a cat balancing on the fence teasing our dog who will go mental as soon as she sees her. Doooh

I walk downstairs, wearing my usual long face as every GREY Sunday morning. I fetch myself a good strong cuppa while thinking about the day ahead. And then I see it. Ha!

Grey day, rainy day, sunny day

Our bucket list on the fridge reminded me that grey days are actually not so bad after all. Scanning through the list I realised that there were many things to see and do on the wretched boring grey day so the day didn’t need to be as dull as my window view had predicted. We had to visit Kedleston Hall! In less than an hour’s drive from Stoke on Trent, there was no reason not to pay a visit to this majestic site. All I had to do was get the kids cleaned, dresses, fed… Oh, the joy of baby insisting on feeding herself… Right, go back one step… get the baby dressed, change the nappy and of we go.

Visit Keddleston Hall

Hey ho on the road we go! Beautiful as ever, the hall drew us in. A few steps inside and we walked into the past. The high ceilings and the huge windows shouted at me to get the camera out while kids run to check out the presents under the Christmas tree! Quick, before somebody walks into the frame. ‘Bloody camera, turn on!’ I shouted. Whooohooo, the picture is mine. I don’t get a second chance when photographing children. It is always now or never.

While the children run to the next room I get lost in my thoughts imagining sitting on the blue chair waiting for a prince charming to propose when a little hand pulls me to a huge table to show me his discovery. A huge table right opposite a window displaying grounds and Kedleston Hall proudly showing off its grand design. Hmm, let’s count the windows!

24 doors hidden in the garden

There is a lovely garden to explore, hiding 24 doors. Did we find them all? What were they hiding inside? Silly tasks, funny questions and… …what?! ‘You need to get your head inside! Oh no, I hope I don’t need to stick my head into this one’ shouted our little one as he saw one very low close to the ground. Suddenly, nobody was bothered that the sky was grey and there was drizzling rain. We enjoyed ourselves immensely even on the boring rainy day.


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