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Visiting Ireland with children

The first part of my blog was all about the beautiful places we have visited. Now, this part is about us. About places and memories connected to them. You see, our holidays are never about relaxing, they are always about discovery, action, adventure…

I used to live in Northern Ireland. I was single back then so bringing my whole family to the same place 10 years later is very special.

We don’t go on holidays to relax

We relax at home, at the place we know well. There is nothing else to see or discover. However, when we go out even for a weekend, only 100 miles from home, we want to see and experience as much as we can.

Yes, we have a little baby, now one year old, who still sleeps twice a day but we plan everything around these naps. Oh, and yes, we have a dog as well. We are lucky though because living in England a dog is not a problem for anyone. Pubs, cottages, parks… they all accept that these furry friends are part of the family. I am always delighted to see a sign outside a pub or on the website welcoming pets.

So let me show you what we were up to in Ireland and Northern Ireland and perhaps encourage you to go there as well or anywhere else. Hopefully, our pictures are proof of the fact that nothing can stop you when you have a positive and adventurous mind. Rain and blasting wind? Naaah, we are used to it.

Our adventure

On the deck of the ferry to Dublin, this was great fun!


Ireland, Donegal

We spent a few night at Tempo Manor, co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. A place I used to live in :).

A bed I used to sleep in 🙂

Daddy was over the moon to catch a fish while Lola was hoping to get to play with it.

Who would refuse an opportunity to dry a tractor!?

Pond dipping and fishing (even though it was a bit too early, but who guys could not care less)

That’s all they caught 🙂

Never too cold for foolishness…

…and footall.

Walks on the beach…

We spent a lot of time on beach… even though it was always a different one.

But we did visit other interesting places too!

If you want to know what were the places we visited, read the Part 1.

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