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Ireland, the evergreen island

Nowadays, it seems that traveling to exotic places it very fashionable. Hawaii, Fiji, Bali, Taiwan, Vietnam… all these exotic countries share their bit of paradise, and if you go in the right time, nice weather too. Why would you want to go somewhere where there is a high probability that you will get soaking wet?

Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland

So what about the evergreen remote part and, unless something controversial happens, forgotten part of the United Kingdom? People want to visit England (let’s be honest, they mean London), some are willing to explore Scotland, especially those in love with pure and untouched nature. Those who get lost on their way north and turn left might end up in Wales, but Northern Ireland? Why on earth would you go to Northern Ireland? Surely you know about the Giant Causeway, very famous but rather overcrowded place. Or you haven’t heard of it? Well then, I’ll let you google it out. Would you fly to Belfast and drive up north to see this world wonder?

There is much more to it than green grass, woolly sheep and white houses scattered around the countryside. There are many hidden gems.

If someone wants a pint of Guinness they might just land in Dublin and get wasted in some old traditional Irish pub. I’ve heard that’s very IN too. My friend just got home from his weekend trip from there. Couldn’t remember a thing, though. Poor soul. But have you heard of the most beautiful part of the Republic of Ireland? In my humble opinion, it must be Donegal!

Our trip to this land of  leprechaun and lucky charm

I am not going to write our personal story here. If you want to know it, you will have to wait till I write the second part of Visiting Ireland. In this post, I want to show you the places where we went and where we stayed the way they are, without my kids and my dog adding a story to them.  Will I tell you about the place we visited? No, I don’t want you to re-live our trip. I want you to inspire to get out and explore and travel by yourself. It does not need to be miles away – some sunny paradise with clear blue sky…

ROSSBEG Ireland by ZuHuda Photography

View from our garden

The house we stayed inIreland by ZuHuda Photography

Total transformation during the golden hours

Ireland, Donegal by ZuHuda Photography

Ireland, Donegal by ZuHuda Photography

ROSSBEG PEIRIreland, Donegal by ZuHuda Photography


KILCLOONEY DOLMEN from circa. 3500 BC







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