Why should you invest in photo books

photo books

Memories are worth printing

When I was a child, I used to go through my childhood photo album made by my mum. She made one for me and one for my sister up to our 6th birthday. We used to talk about the photos and the stories connected to them.

Nowadays, in this digital age, many people take a photo with a phone, perhaps have the album backed up online and that is the end of it. But is it sufficient?

Image becomes a photograph once you can touch it, feel it and even smell it. That is one of the reasons I love photo books  and photo albums. Instead of taking my child to a computer or sitting him on my lap scrolling down the screen I open the book and we ‘read’ it together.

Anyway  how big is your screen? I bet it is nothing in comparison to looking at the real photograph whether loose, framed or in the family album.

Precious time spent together

Do you remember when…’ or ‘Look here, you were just a baby when…’ There are the words you would hear, when we sit down and go through our album. Sometimes we just pull the book out to compare how much has our son changed. When our daughter was born, the first we did after we got home from the hospital was looking at the picture of Hugo looking for similarities. They are completely different, we realized.


Why is it worth investing in photo books

  1.  You can make one book each year and mark all important family events or children’s milestones. 021116_0010
  2.  Keep memories together and create story lines in chronological order.  Re-watch your child grow.021116_0083
  3. There are different sizes on different budgets. However I prefer lay-flat books printed on photo-paper even though they cost more. The money spent are well worth it.  They are like loose photographs just bound together.021116_0040021116_0059
  4. This is a fantastic presents for grandparents/godparents.  They will love them especially if they don’t live next door. Show them the mucky face, first steps, playing with a favourite toy. I am sure they will appreciate it.021116_0044
  5. Albums and books will surely be treasured keepsake for children and next generations. They will never be out of fashion and if you lose phone, you still have your printed stories. They are handy to look at and easy to show off to all your friends and family members. Some book makers provide you with a link, which you can share with your friends and family members online.


I hope I have persuaded you to get your photos printed because one day, your children will thank you for it. There are many companies printing photo books, here are few:












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