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Five precious yearly photo sessions with a little princess

I am always over the moon when a mum calls me to book another session or a family yearly photo session. You see, for me, it is not about money. Photography is not my living, it is my passion I married some time ago. 🙂 Having another session with the same family means I get to play a little role in their lives. It is another chance for me to capture their relationships, changes and see their children grow and it’s never the same.

Yearly photo sessions

Every year we meet in a different place, do different things, play different games and from these sessions, they get all edited hi-res digital photos and a photobook too so they can fill up their bookshelves with their family memories. I feel like a family photographer and I am grateful for this.

It all started six years ago

I can’t believe I took these photos 6 years ago and how young Zuzanka was! Just look at the sweet face!

Year Two

Next year we went to a very different location where we had a picnic, played with leaves and had a lot of fun on the playground. The first photo is my favourite. We were watching non-existed birds ( I always make things up). I loved the fact how Zuzka went along and pretended she could see them. We even made up a silly story. 🙂

Cosy home

Another year we thought it would be a great fun to have a session indoors. We had a blast, especially in the bathroom where we splashed quite a lot of water but it was well worth it.

Not a little girl

When I met Zuzanka that year, I could not believe my eyes. I thought she has changed so much! She was not a tiny little girl anymore. However, she still liked playing with dolls :).

Serious business of growing up

The latest session had to take place in the urban setting. I felt that it complimented the growing up phase rather well, no more toys or doll, it was time for the rather more serious business of reading.

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